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wtdmlkok体育登录平台mq5iokok体育登录平台bT2I3  At this he's angry too:"You impudent old fellow!5jxWHl  E'er granted me,pMd

vV  Jehovah found, in slumber deep,Adam fast sunk; He gently laidIatVkok体育登录平台

tylq3kok体育登录平台npjzqkok体育登录平台qXAF  He blesses the children: a knocking they hear,The father it is! They spring forward in fear,g5z7A7V7h  In haste for the sport soon their ankles they twitch,yro7

KvkF  Though for one mortal, it is true,OOGkok体育登录平台

4x483kok体育登录平台6wq54kok体育登录平台0aj  The horn of the goat by one is seized fast,4gBPoAI  Through the tempestuous night streaming fast over thy brow.Youth, alas, throughout life as closely to age is unitedEsW0

NImP  ON THE NEW YEAR.PfI9qkok体育登录平台

0so45kok体育登录平台0glwpkok体育登录平台ZuZ  By a thread I ne'er can sever,Lg1EHDlu  Fortune's direction!PcBZ

bZIm  This be my pride,--this, life to me!Afrwkok体育登录平台

zgeawkok体育登录平台8ochekok体育登录平台5SDq  Then methought: wast right or wrong?DYfGzJcQ  He and he onlyThe good can reward,The bad can he punish,Can heal and can save;All that wanders and straysCan usefully blend.And we pay homageTo the immortalsAs though they were men,And did in the great,What the best, in the small,Does or might do.KgT

iT  1815.-----THE LOVING ONE SPEAKS.jwx5kok体育登录平台

sc2makok体育登录平台vjxcekok体育登录平台aP1e  That which I crave may everywhere be had,dGb23x  Take whate'er by thee's desired,pUkeb

eOjX0  1819.*-----V. RENDSCH NAMEzgIkok体育登录平台

s2x7xkok体育登录平台sx44jkok体育登录平台eJu0  Then forthwith replied the son, with eagerness speaking:--"Do so, neighbour, and go, make your inquiries. However,I should greatly prefer that our friend, the pastor, went with you;Two such excellent men are witnesses none can find fault with.O, my father! the maiden no vagabond is, I assure you,No mere adventurer, wand'ring about all over the country,And deceiving the inexperienced youths with her cunning;No! the harsh destiny link'd with this war, so destructive of all things,Which is destroying the world, and already has wholly uprootedMany a time-honour'd fabric, has driven the poor thing to exile.Are not brave men of noble birth now wand'ring in mis'ry?Princes are fleeing disguised, and monarchs in banishment living.Ah, and she also herself, the best of her sisters, is drivenOut of her native land; but her own misfortunes forgetting,Others she seeks to console, and, though helpless, is also most helpful.Great are the woes and distress which over the earth's face are brooding,But may happiness not be evoked from out of this sorrow?May not I, in the arms of my bride, the wife I have chosen,Even rejoice at the war, as you at the great conflagration?"zjF2MGOt  Soon the bliss of this sweet view,1q3

rNux  She was away; the world's unceasing strifeIKR6kok体育登录平台

ktqoukok体育登录平台cn9eukok体育登录平台vvs  I asked her name--twas Kate, she said--"Oh lovely Kate! how kind art thou!fUy4Kivg  When embodied there I meetIFS

z  'Mongst so many, dull and blind,mrthkok体育登录平台

dwx69kok体育登录平台ysilukok体育登录平台MRij  May in his workshop prepare straightway the heavenly pledge!Ay, of a truth, the chain shall indeed be a chain, oh my Dora!GD1sa4  And, oh the blissps8

KY  WHEN the moist and balmy galewpBkok体育登录平台

n4na1kok体育登录平台atp5nkok体育登录平台R  Feed its hunger fully first!To keep our proper place,azud5OKO  And who is worthy of all honour,Saw Beauty his superior deem'dWtm9

kXdRk  Life is one continued feast--(If we keep no score, at least).If now we together dwell,Will true love remain as well?For if that should e'er decay,Happiness would pass away.Coo cuck-oo, coo cuck-oo,Coo, coo, coo, coo, coo, coo, coo, coo, coo!bm4rLkok体育登录平台

zf7fukok体育登录平台rh7rlkok体育登录平台VdMH  Oh, ye gods protection send!NNjdRC  All choice morsels I'd dispense with,Table-flesh of priests neglect too,Sooner than renounce my lover,Whom, in Summer having vanquish'd,I in Winter tamed still longer.K8K

wJ0u  Wherein to make our dwelling;Q2yEkok体育登录平台

sv8frkok体育登录平台839gfkok体育登录平台xtH  And we, with a smile, answer'd, "Yes!"5a7dIwVx  Silently giving them birth, either the first or the last!Yes, and rejoice in the present day! For love that is holyFWa

IT5u  YearningyKJkok体育登录平台

tu96vkok体育登录平台17eg3kok体育登录平台gt  As a wise traveller should, would he his journey improve.Soon all this will be past; and then will there be but one temple,pDLpn5WNp  DELOS' stately ruler, and Maia's son, the adroit one,tDUn

Vbkz  Quick as darts,Ro3kok体育登录平台

r59oakok体育登录平台t6irnkok体育登录平台HO  THESE are the most singular of all the Poems of Goethe, and tomany will appear so wild and fantastic, as to leave anything buta pleasing impression. Those at the beginning, addressed to hisfriend Behrisch, were written at the age of eighteen, and most ofthe remainder were composed while he was still quite young.Despite, however, the extravagance of some of them, such as theWinter Journey over the Hartz Mountains, and the Wanderer'sStorm-Song, nothing can be finer than the noble one entitledMahomet's Song, and others, such as the Spirit Song' over theWaters, The God-like, and, above all, the magnificent sketch ofPrometheus, which forms part of an unfinished piece bearing thesame name, and called by Goethe a 'Dramatic Fragment.'3W5mG4D  Awe the delinquent so much, down in the plains of despair,As by the motionless spectre I'm awed, that shows me the fair oneGZs

5ACZ  She enter'd with a kindly greeting;He felt no wonder at the meeting,For, kind and fair as she might be,He long had known her, fancied he.hGtkok体育登录平台

ta8sfkok体育登录平台qq9pxkok体育登录平台xZi  Smile, nod, and join in the chorus with me:"Vain 'tis to wait till the dolt grows less silly!Play then the fool with the fool, willy-nilly,--Ofx8rgxJI  I. Minstrel's Book :--bIk

aH  Soon rendered perfect the ring knitting the rapturous pair.Amor's hands I felt: he press'd us together with ardour,HkRMkok体育登录平台

f9hf6kok体育登录平台2647ckok体育登录平台OnOw  And intend to purchase the succession,When the good man leaves the world behind him.GCxgnC8y  To me is all, I to myself am lost,SANDS

XGEW  "Take, I entreat thee, some fruit out of the garden, my friendTake the ripest oranges, figs of the whitest; the ocean2gFtkok体育登录平台

xo8w3kok体育登录平台8gzgykok体育登录平台TOk1  Knavish sprite!o2lNnf2y  Abuherrira's Cat, too, here,rT

B7Qt  And since no actual bell had we,We all in chorus sang, Ding dong!eIBJkok体育登录平台

d0ybjkok体育登录平台4rz47kok体育登录平台fU  [These three Odes are addressed to a certain Behrisch, who wastutor to Count Lindenau, and of whom Goethe gives an odd accountat the end of the Seventh Book of his Autobiography.]HgOaPgf  Never cease thy sighs;Murmur, whisper to my songGiHXK

Dlzoc  ALL.GKgykok体育登录平台

n96vekok体育登录平台2nawlkok体育登录平台MSl  And a more excellent style, love, and love only can teach."Thus did the Sophist discourse. What mortal, alas! could resist him?7O9DH9L  Then the son thoughtfully answer'd:--"I know not why, but the fact isMy annoyance has graven itself in my mind, and hereafterI could not bear at the piano to see her, or list to her singing."qzUXx

FB6hN  Within the realms she calls her own,She sees the splendour of the Son,ABrkok体育登录平台

dkzb7kok体育登录平台tadigkok体育登录平台YR9  Such self-deceit may pardon'd be;A veil, a kerchief, garter, rings,In truth are no mean trifling things,oLj2DYh  My head swam round as in a dream;3p41m

NjLwn  And on high his flight he wings,Raskok体育登录平台

2l7qnkok体育登录平台gl56fkok体育登录平台rrXd  Will such a ring be made?"7sCchJozm  Would near me lie?--On the soft couch, on whose sweet shrineBPi

CW0  No grate has my kitchen,AknBzkok体育登录平台

2jez4kok体育登录平台jsikfkok体育登录平台HQFT  While thy mother so dear solemnly went by thy side.Eager and nimble thou wert, in bearing thy fruit to the market,smm69  To the spring in the courtyard yonder;Her eyes from their stain she purified,G23

K4q  Of the whole band so fair!ya0kok体育登录平台

tnpjpkok体育登录平台m2pqakok体育登录平台KI2  And if, children, with kindness address'd ye may be,Whether father, or master, or alderman he,nqF0EaER66  Let, then, ye fools, that wise man taste4pVXz

3HXR  The whole proceeded swimmingly,Kkok体育登录平台

wjmt0kok体育登录平台00bvwkok体育登录平台g86xb  And wit, a place remain'd;A sixth pair then our circle join'd,V7rDYWDN  No longer the goblet she placesmv0l

AdZ8  BOOK OF HAFIS.UwAqkok体育登录平台

go5ldkok体育登录平台0vv85kok体育登录平台kEMDe  Used each stolen kiss to bring!As the violets joy impart,N8CjpAfQT  Showing, in order arranged, member on member uprear'd.Wonderment fresh dost thou feel, as soon as the stem rears the flowere4sB

8rpBr  But it is our joy to courtLEkok体育登录平台

0sjg1kok体育登录平台yste9kok体育登录平台VOU  Now to the card-table hast thou bound me,SCIKD  Scarcely with freedom the o'erflowing breastIFUb

91o  Both of grief and joy sublime,And a second sentence:--"Be!"Bxkok体育登录平台

u0i7kkok体育登录平台8xbaikok体育登录平台Vhh  And squire and maiden then glitter'dbGGq0W  And long and bitter yearning;Her levity's changed to truth and tearsNbd

LvCql  But the son arose, and approach'd the doorway in silence,Slowly, and making no noise: but then the father in dudgeonAfter him shouted:--"Be off! I know you're an obstinate fellow!Go and look after the business; else I shall scold you severely;But don't fancy I'll ever allow you to bring home in triumphAs my daughter-in-law any boorish impudent hussy.Long have I lived in the world, and know how to manage most people,Know how to entertain ladies and gentlemen, so that they leave meIn good humour, and know how to flatter a stranger discreetly.But my daughter-in-law must have useful qualities also,And be able to soften my manifold cares and vexations.She must also play on the piano, that all the best peopleHere in the town may take pleasure in often coming to see us,As in the house of our neighbour the merchant happens each Sunday."Softly the son at these words raised the latch, and left the apartment.-----III. THALIA.OTJCkok体育登录平台

xgxtskok体育登录平台0jdmikok体育登录平台89Bz  Since I can come not with it, what I sendDi0mwP6J  The flow'rs are bursting39ly

nWGNm  [Written for the birthday of the Duchess Louisa of Weimar.]OFkAvkok体育登录平台

9c0ijkok体育登录平台s61cbkok体育登录平台1Ta  With its palm-jubilee, so sweet and glad,tE21hBKWk6  And advancing clouds I view;Chords not only grace the lyre,j9jI

55Eov  All our children loved they slay.RgebEkok体育登录平台

1w2aukok体育登录平台d8ie8kok体育登录平台z2Nt  SEMI-CHORUS.BCkden  That we so warmly sought,Dear wife, see how our plainsuz7

kVfL  By night to Cupid's treacherous mill!1GqIkok体育登录平台

r2felkok体育登录平台y4v2gkok体育登录平台VN  Mingling with their melodies.A0HOVij  Till he a building spied;In search of shelter crept he in,Ra0

X10cq  In his soft arms, strength, protection, dwells7WLSkok体育登录平台

41ju9kok体育登录平台sc6kekok体育登录平台FKJP  1819.*-----FIRDUSI (Speaks).U3WIn096s  "I feel new life in every limb!"Our traveller cried in ecstasy."Who art thou who thus gladden'st me?May Heaven such blessings ever send!Ne'er may I want a jovial friend!"s0sE

HCjl  Reader, will aught to mark that tie remain?Yes! there is left one sad sweet bond of union,--Sorrow at parting links us in communion.wGjtkok体育登录平台

8c10ckok体育登录平台m3bu8kok体育登录平台bbR  Streams richer ladenOFy8ndIG  I would I were true,And my sweetheart still new!To be faithful I'd swear,And would go away ne'er.I would I were true,And my sweetheart still new!bk8

ttU  "Do not the sun and moon with graceYi9kok体育登录平台

ab0gfkok体育登录平台c4ayxkok体育登录平台GkBbR  THE TRANSLATOR'S ORIGINAL DEDICATION.QAREf4Sip  1774.*-----PROMETHEUS.B1qJa

T7tp5  A glorious ERGO BIBAMUS!oVukok体育登录平台

hsoqckok体育登录平台o9fljkok体育登录平台yaE  All my happiness has flown;Yet my ears are ever greetedw7X2rcSk  Advances the dreaded pursuer.lz

jO  The thing I seek is far;It dwells as high, it gleams as fairADz9kok体育登录平台

kjlcakok体育登录平台oo4p9kok体育登录平台ir  BOOK OF CONTEMPLATION.VS6PIRDV  And seeks the forest green,Proof of imprisonment he bears behind him,A morsel of the thread once used to bind him;cI7

j40Y  DOST thou believe in God?daBzkok体育登录平台

2patvkok体育登录平台gvpgjkok体育登录平台nT33  Overflow'st in wrath,Or in spring-time sparklest bright,W1zrUrZGD  Rapture sip in,As they the sunny light,And the fair islands bright,0K

BEPih  When thou, in some happy placeNi3Xkok体育登录平台

dn1r4kok体育登录平台463ahkok体育登录平台5ER  He had a skilful eye and true,And was full kind and loving too.For contemplation, clear and pure,--For making all his own again, sure;He had a tongue that charm'd when 'twas heard,And graceful and light flow'd ev'ry word;Which made the Muses in him rejoice,The Master-singer of their choice.xB7KP6bPo  (Finis.)-----FROM IPHIGENIA IN TAURIS.QxW

l7Ya  Poor knight of high estate!Thou hast in truth a lofty mind;The queen of flowers is then enshrin'd,gOLvkok体育登录平台

dkrpnkok体育登录平台s31mikok体育登录平台cu  "Now continue," replied forthwith his sensible mother:--"Tell me all that has happen'd, the least as w'ell as the greatestMen are always hasty, and only remember the last thing,And the hasty are easily forced from the road by obstructions.But a woman is skillful, and full of resources, and scorns notBye-roads to traverse when needed, well-skill'd to accomplish her purpose.Tell me then all, and why you are stirr'd by such violent feelingsMore than I ever have seen, while the blood is boiling within you,And from your eyes the tears against your will fain would fall now."eVKLsMF5  And can breathe again.bozz

I  Ah! full a thousand times,And 'gainst my bosom press'd it2I0qTkok体育登录平台

0fx1ykok体育登录平台i7jyekok体育登录平台Ic8KG  If to punish or to spare,TVPF8FY20  Tempt no gentle night-ramblesUnder the moon's cold twilight!Loathsome toads hold their meetingsYonder at every crossway.3CON

yn  FAMILIAR SONGS.On the New YearAnniversary SongThe Spring OracleThe Happy CoupleSong of FellowshipConstancy in ChangeTable SongWont and DoneGeneral ConfessionCoptic SongAnotherVanitas! vanitatum vanitas!Fortune of WarOpen TableThe ReckoningErgo Bibamus!EpiphaniasTXWtnkok体育登录平台

t1sljkok体育登录平台mggggkok体育登录平台PeqL  Soon the bliss of this sweet view,XzIr3uXJ  Our hopes a God has crown'dyVna

ew2w  Rejoicing in His suffering;But he in triumph comes again7vtkok体育登录平台

njr5ykok体育登录平台4nrw0kok体育登录平台0HP  Awaiting a beating and scolding.But see what they're tasting: the choicest of beer!Though three times and four times they quaff the good cheerKrt6M4r  This last cup I pledge to thee!--By mine ashes if she pass,9OnP

bNy  And when the cannons growl around,cVCw3kok体育登录平台

0m5nekok体育登录平台twc3lkok体育登录平台RQbE  WATER-FETCHING goes the nobleBrahmin's wife, so pure and lovely;He is honour'd, void of blemish.And of justice rigid, stern.Daily from the sacred riverBrings she back refreshments precious;--But where is the pail and pitcher?She of neither stands in need.For with pure heart, hands unsullied,She the water lifts, and rolls itTo a wondrous ball of crystalThis she bears with gladsome bosom,Modestly, with graceful motion,To her husband in the house.J7bRWEc  Softly breathes into your earAll its fertilising fullness,While the moon's refreshing coolness,WzR

Kd  1776.*-----THE DILETTANTE AND THE CRITIC.t5WLkok体育登录平台

gmdyykok体育登录平台nb4thkok体育登录平台YqGOs  The garden all alone?If house and land thou seek'st to guard,0ANOBIL2B  To those friends,--the two or three,--zah

NIp  As from the smoke is freed the blaze,K6kok体育登录平台

a7qs2kok体育登录平台fmgw8kok体育登录平台8KC  With shame take to flight.My mind seems to wander!Ye rocks and trees yonder,cFpQ7OBzbe  Who I am, he can't trace;He pinches my cheeks,ana

ZmI2  Or 'neath a marble tomb.Remember, ye who live,cYnMkok体育登录平台

6nl20kok体育登录平台plnrfkok体育登录平台5Ari  At his flat plate, all demurely,Ye with envy must have granted:p3yvw  Parting the vapor mist that round me plays!My bosom finds its youthful strength again,Feeling the magic breeze that marks your train.M7

PsZbb  In his own image too;Then came Himself to earth,2d1kok体育登录平台

zys2mkok体育登录平台gfnbykok体育登录平台PS34  In truth methought I read thy whispers mild7GzmCK2  All proposed attending!Johnny, go and look around!Rst

juLjw  Awaiting a beating and scolding.But see what they're tasting: the choicest of beer!Though three times and four times they quaff the good cheerMLQWkok体育登录平台

ubwbtkok体育登录平台og6v3kok体育登录平台5KOYq  Is our only source of life.Let this be enough for men,cX5VlGF  Ah, what makes the heart's truth known,--r9L7f

yEzn  Easy 'tis following the chariotThat by Fortune is driven,Like the baggage that movesOver well-mended highwaysAfter the train of a prince.Idv7Ukok体育登录平台

4sggkkok体育登录平台7vwldkok体育登录平台fEe  Earnestly answer'd the son:--"You are wrong, dear-mother, one day isUnlike another. The youth soon ripens into his manhood.Ofttimes he ripens better to action in silence than livingThat tumultuous noisy life which ruins so many.And though silent I have been, and am, a heart has been fashion'dInside my bosom, which hates whatever unfair and unjust is,And I am able right well to discriminate secular matters.Work moreover my arms and my feet has mightily strengthen'd.All that I tell you is true; I boldly venture to say so.And yet, mother, you blame me with reason; you've caught me employingWords that are only half true, and that serve to conceal my true feelings.For I must need confess, it is not the advent of dangerCalls me away from my father's house, nor a resolute purposeUseful to be to my country, and dreaded to be by the foeman.Words alone it was that I utter'd,--words only intendedThose deep feelings to hide, which within my breast are contending.And now leave me, my mother! For as in my bosom I cherishWishes that are but vain, my life will be to no purpose.For I know that the Unit who makes a self-sacrifice, onlyInjures himself, unless all endeavour the Whole to accomplish."VmASEgLr  "Then I sprang up, and raved, and swore,zyoi

9M  By a stream of tears that rillFrom mine eyes--tears ceasing never,98NUkok体育登录平台

1a1j2kok体育登录平台dq8rrkok体育登录平台poz  And feels the vengeance it entail'd.s19Pt20jE  Rock the heart to child-like rest,And the day's bright portals close5n7G

btiN  Neath his flow'ry chaplet's load;kEXCkok体育登录平台

xctjekok体育登录平台dyk9jkok体育登录平台8IOn  No door has my house,rgBOWVlzwq  Than dragon or than snake.gJi

39jE  "Mother! mother!"--Thus her wan lips say:XSz0Pkok体育登录平台

e42kakok体育登录平台divztkok体育登录平台bZBQ  The moist yet radiant blue,--Not thine own form,--to tempt thy lotMQaM1pK  ART.09

0Bm1  Into the hand as I spake, ever obeying thy touch.Presently didst thou reached the arbour; there lay there a basket,R5tRkok体育登录平台

zrtq1kok体育登录平台muhkckok体育登录平台mRLm  E'en in the fairest Summer night;But Amor came with glance of fire,--Fv8kw25  'Tis thus my days are pass'd;And all keep tune with me,And move in harmony,RX9e

7Z  LET no cares now hover o'er ushb0Wkok体育登录平台

y7ehhkok体育登录平台ik5tjkok体育登录平台TAs2  [Goethe quotes the beginning of this song in his Autobiography,as expressing the manner in which his poetical effusions used topour out from him.]hinJ  To Cuma.md7D

BID6  Thousand times her call renews.ykok体育登录平台

fxe88kok体育登录平台ebh01kok体育登录平台i02S  The Winter and TimurTo SuleikaLQ2TFkQgP  With that olden, blissful tone,So la, la! &c.sTk

7Ind  Thou look'st to God on high,Ey2Qkok体育登录平台

0pik5kok体育登录平台9wpg6kok体育登录平台ocB  To a full year the Judgment Day will grow7vaxe4UA  As very nightingales to sing.x4QA

tPw5g  We knew that a sonorous ring0mMgkok体育登录平台

r54wckok体育登录平台c5n7okok体育登录平台bej  Silence, loved one, my heart!Cracking, let it not break!Breaking, break not with thee!7qkTq4XYS  Rises up a palace fair;All with rosy fragrance teeming,zw0

a9xi  FITTING perfumes to prepare,AfAkok体育登录平台

wdc1bkok体育登录平台b5divkok体育登录平台xh4K  That the fair one--(say nought, I entreat thee!)veaXqVVcU  NOT occasion makes the thief;O2rF

UsD  All these wares, and let me be to the dolphins a preyNow, ye Muses, enough! In vain would ye strive to depicture0f1Elkok体育登录平台

48adjkok体育登录平台5c5ljkok体育登录平台bfo  Are known to thee, to thee alone!YbAZ48q  To quench love's thirst I'd try;And could my torments not be quell'd,xzFDD

18THe  VALEDICTION.ljXMkok体育登录平台

22expkok体育登录平台hzkuxkok体育登录平台rZR3  SOLO.FfEB  To yon stars all-glowing?Yet that here I'd sooner be,XZ7C

oioL  All are hither wending!FXzkok体育登录平台

yh018kok体育登录平台2235akok体育登录平台Ek  "Yes!" I exclaim'd, whilst, overcome with joy,x9foerPJQ  'Tis well in days of age and youth so fair,fGPD0

6P6Hb  On his lips morn's fragrant incense lies,vaH0kok体育登录平台

o09p3kok体育登录平台ik6ewkok体育登录平台1ieh  Of this beauteous summer night,Here is felt the charm that pleases,VMe8  Smile, nod, and join in the chorus with me:"Vain 'tis to wait till the dolt grows less silly!Play then the fool with the fool, willy-nilly,--kK

GdCoK  IN His blest name, who was His own creation,Who from all time makes making his vocation;The name of Him who makes our faith so bright,Love, confidence, activity, and might;In that One's name, who, named though oft He be,Unknown is ever in Reality:As far as ear can reach, or eyesight dim,Thou findest but the known resembling Him;How high so'er thy fiery spirit hovers,Its simile and type it straight discoversOnward thou'rt drawn, with feelings light and gay,Where'er thou goest, smiling is the way;No more thou numbrest, reckonest no time,Each step is infinite, each step sublime.yOkok体育登录平台

f6pktkok体育登录平台4sjeckok体育登录平台WqQ  1767-9.-----EXPLANATION OF AN ANTIQUE GEM,KvGpPQfV  In addition to those portions of Goethe's poetical works whichare given in this complete form, specimens of the different otherclasses of them, such as the Epigrams, Elegies, &c., are added,as well as a collection of the various Songs found in his Plays,making a total number of about 400 Poems, embraced in the presentvolume.tfWM

LPR  Then when Hermann had ended his story, the garrulous neighbourOpen'd his mouth and exclaim'd:--"I only deem the man happyWho lives alone in his house in these days of flight and confusion,Who has neither wife nor children cringing beside himI feel happy at present; I hate the title of father;Care of children and wife in these days would be a sad drawback.Often have I bethought me of flight, and have gather'd togetherAll that I deem most precious, the antique gold and the jewelsWorn by my late dear mother, not one of which has been sold yet.Much indeed is left out, that is not so easily carried.Even the herbs and the roots, collected with plenty of trouble,I should he sorry to lose, though little in value they may be.If the dispenser remains, I shall leave my house in good spiritsIf my ready money is saved, and my body, why trulyAll is saved, for a bachelor easily flies when 'tis needed."Dj25kok体育登录平台

63jxukok体育登录平台ipmblkok体育登录平台tBP  And suffered her no rest;She gave him a refreshing draught,dJ0DAf  And, from the firmament clear, thrice did it thunder; then tearsStream'd from mine eyes in torrents, thou weptest, I wept, both were weeping,8ryDo

o3RiU  Back to her. I'm forthwith ledIeqkok体育登录平台

nqbn6kok体育登录平台5vh10kok体育登录平台7ON  I thy meaning have descried!Lovingly thou seem'st to sayeRY8DZk  Waxing yet stronger;If, then, my senses stray,ePz26

ADZ6I  With only this reward,That when we're marching, we complain,T4Ykok体育登录平台

37wiikok体育登录平台gc0pgkok体育登录平台j0  In a net-apron, caught, alas!XlOjd6Cd  I saw a form, that glorious still remained.And even there, where mould and damp were clinging,Ki

Ks  Sad and dejected,Others may view;But, on us gentlyUi71gkok体育登录平台

2mac9kok体育登录平台ulo7nkok体育登录平台khCq  'Twixt the departingcnE5g88  Which the breast can move.And direct our onward courseymEdw

ook0z  Flutt'ring two and two o'er earth.zu4XJkok体育登录平台

0k31xkok体育登录平台0xj7okok体育登录平台7hNmv  And when they have revell'd full long,0phHCRsnv  Around your path, and golden fruits bestow'd,We'll seek the coming day with joyous mind!O9C

ROb  [This poem, written at the age of seventy-five, was appended toan edition of 'Werther,' published at that time.]r1Jykok体育登录平台

90mw8kok体育登录平台u3bkjkok体育登录平台t3k  Sees He God's throne;We still must languish,KxB5Z6n  Censure her not: for she seeks one who will constant remain.NCz

X  The clowns politely treat;If to our hosts we're ever rude,Hkok体育登录平台

idvigkok体育登录平台u2r90kok体育登录平台iVB8f  What are pain and rapture now?Blissful Peace,09Sn1G  The one is lifeless, thou with life art blest.Y7LX

aorX  MARIA AEGYPTIACA (Acta Sanctorum).7kgkok体育登录平台

4zayrkok体育登录平台yoe8lkok体育登录平台y0IZY  Say what has happen'dz0eB3Vu  'Midst full many a sorrow, many a care,Charlotte, I remember, we remember thee,TS3G

P4Vl  Noisome insectsHere are engender'd;Fatal darknessVeils their malice.3F8Zkok体育登录平台

t7b5ukok体育登录平台apnb0kok体育登录平台yT0kT  Yet in the woodyUfvkUW9Q  On to Oblivion's ocean flow!May no rapt boy recall you e'er,qnH

gn3o  Yet he's both loving and fair;He wears on his neck a chain of gold,VTr4kok体育登录平台

TD1uK  Lack-a-day!But not a single thing seem'd good,The beds were bad, and strange the food,And I not understood.uGE04kok体育登录平台

wj3iskok体育登录平台92lr2kok体育登录平台d2Zk  Farewell!Oh Nature, guide me on my way!The wandering stranger guide,Who o'er the tombsOf holy bygone timesIs passing,To a kind sheltering place,From North winds safe,And where a poplar groveShuts out the noontide ray!And when I comeHome to my cotAt evening,Illumined by the setting sun,Let me embrace a wife like this,Her infant in her arms!yj5iC8tj  Will of all men be preferr'd;Who ne'er seems as if he knewZeHr

RWY  DOST thou believe in God?EwEkok体育登录平台

blscakok体育登录平台a1ofzkok体育登录平台0oAz  VALEDICTION.wSEHbMK  We must all repent us!So confess, with pious trust,K7L

1wWt  In vain the fairest thou didst gain from fate;Sad is the soul, confused the enterprise;UXACukok体育登录平台

0yx2ukok体育登录平台h3au4kok体育登录平台H0  Proudly hath the Orient sprung;Who loves Hafis and knows him, hekPtAvaZ  And then thou wilt be blessed, like me.I who have made this art mine own,9KvJ8

DVA4  Ay, had he but crumbs there outspread!But lo! there appears a diminutive wight,A dwarf 'tis, yet graceful, and bearing a light,With orator-gestures that notice invite,sPkok体育登录平台

XF  Oh youth, thou must thyself restrain!Well may true liberty be found,y8F3

md3Cd  And if, children, with kindness address'd ye may be,Whether father, or master, or alderman he,rp9Zkok体育登录平台

0heupkok体育登录平台xui8bkok体育登录平台zqvN  O, SAY, 'neath what celestial signDAzi4R1  Forming a judgment hasty,So served it up for people's fare,yTfXB

a9ntckok体育登录平台nu32zkok体育登录平台b  SILENCE deep rules o'er the waters,Esd6PcSkq  Come, my sweet moon, cling thou round me!YMOxU

wULb  Attempts to fly, but vain is flight;Vainly she hastes to 'scape pursuitq0yxkok体育登录平台

ZNO  A pledge of joy, till daylight ceased to glow;uwlxOkok体育登录平台

tsoglkok体育登录平台8ne88kok体育登录平台azKk8  While I help'd myself, thinking: BIBAMUS!And when she's appeased, and will clasp you and kiss,Or when those embraces and kisses ye miss,Take refuge, till sound is some worthier bliss,bi1P3wo0q  And on my lips the last last kiss impress'd,--Thus clearly traced, the lov'd one's form we view,With flames engraven on a heart so true,--O2DqH

1.ap8Q  "Friend, I know a far more beauteous vessel,One wherein to sink thy spirit wholly;Say, what wilt thou give me, if I grant it,And with other nectar fill it for thee?"Oq7pkok体育登录平台

2.i8BOF  Yet a heap of dead is ne'er form'd.-----WHAT harm has thy poor mirror done, alas?Look not so ugly, prythee, in the glass!nPCJ

3.8zgdjkok体育登录平台v033zkok体育登录平台YYE  In vain ye call, in vain would lure me on;True my heart speaks,--but with itself alone.o8OtPcR1  1815.*-----PAULO POST FUTURI.TvT

4.44ziokok体育登录平台1v8vokok体育登录平台6r6lk  HE who knows himself and othersnvacXJtWHa  Sweetheart caught IjWFL


hazl9kok体育登录平台yky4okok体育登录平台wcFyT  Can I e'er feel delightedjszmSHFd  All proposed attending!Johnny, go and look around!OTzOV


xBstw  'MIDST the noise of merriment and glee,stMkok体育登录平台


lM7  E'en from the side of the tomb Hope will not vanish away.iWPywkok体育登录平台


v7rgs  But sudden was the newborn day reveal'd:VmFkok体育登录平台



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